About netpanther_logo.png

“Out of many – one people”. Together we have always been stronger.

We combine and bridge the different worlds we live in. Our world was on the border of the new millenium and seemed to consists of a “NET”- virtual world and a “panther” – real world. In 1998 I was trying to describe this new kind of world while inventing words with friends.

I started a little company using the trademark NETpanther in 1999 to practice the integration of support and sustainable ideas in everyday life and at customers.

Though we are humans by nature we have learned to communicate and do many things in virtual worlds.

However we need to stay in touch with physical life and the requirements of living on such a beautiful planet and interacting socially with real people to support our experience.

The combination of Nature+Human+Technology is the main focus here. This is one reason why you will also find aspects of art, dance, spirituality, humor and real life infos in an attempt to gather useful knowledge under this name.

The saying “Out of many – one people” is the motto of Jamaica as I am of Jamaican heritage. We like this motto and have managed to live it in our group of multi-national and multi-ethnical family and friends.

Focused on building a sustainable future with a balanced amount of technology we have gathered information, pictures,events, links and various funny postings in German and English

Remember to enjoy your life and remember the devine.

Allister Drummond

(Founder of NETpanther)